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United Way of Johnson County
Every day, many of our neighbors struggle with adversity, but every day the United Way of Johnson County lends a hand. We are in the business of improving people’s lives. United Way of Johnson County works with twenty-one nonprofit organizations to make possible a network of essential services for families, kids, seniors, health and crisis relief. At the same time, we are beginning to bring together people from all across the county-people from business, government, schools, faith groups, nonprofit and ordinary citizens-to tackle some of the toughest community issues:

• Child abuse and neglect
• Care for the elderly
• Emergency needs
• Health Issues such as Obesity and Diabetes

By focusing on the main causes of major problems now, we can prevent or reduce problems in the future. We can not only improve individual lives, but also make a long-term impact on the broader communities.
Give. Advocate. Volunteer.
United Way of Johnson County is a local network of volunteers, agencies and donors united in the belief that we can make a real difference as problem solvers in Johnson County, addressing issues ranging from critical needs to quality of life.

We bring people and resources together to address the most urgent problems in our community and work toward long-term solutions to create real impact. Whether it is addressing the needs of children, families, the elderly or people living with disabilities, helping our neighbors in Johnson County is a great investment in our community.

* The United Way of Johnson County was established in the early 1950s.
* It is a non-profit organization which operates as a 501 (C)3 tax-exempt organization.
* It conducts a yearly fund-raiser to benefit it’s partnering agencies.
* It is a supporter of 21 non-profit organizations which encompass both physical and mental human services.
* It is a referral service for the 21 agencies.
* The local board of directors is composed of representatives from all over Johnson County and from many different professions.
We Deliver Results
We are passionate about our communities in Johnson County and United Way. United Way is like a tapestry. Separate efforts of many groups and individuals are woven together in a coordinated way. The result is something beautiful and lasting: a better community.


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