Thanks from United Way

Thanks from United Way

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the board of directors, campaign volunteers,and theĀ 21 agency programs supported by the United Way of Johnson County, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the generous pledges and contributions from the citizens of Johnson County.

The United Way Kick-Off event held Aug. 17 at the Mimosa Hall venue in Burleson was the perfect beginning for a very successful campaign. Many residents throughout the county attended this fun-filled event which included a barbecue dinner, live and silent auctions and performance by the Sonny Burgess Band.

Many thanks should be given to Tolin Navarrete, 2013 campaign chairman, and Zeb Averhoff, 2013 United Way president, and to all the campaign leaders for their conscientious endeavors to make 2013 a very successful year for United Way of Johnson County.

Much credit should be given to the national firms division, composed of residents who work outside the county but designate their contributions to be sent to Johnson County. Also the oil and gas division did an outstanding job raising much needed funds for our communities.

Kudos to all those residents and businesses of Johnson County for their generous spirit of giving and community support.

Dianne Packwood Executive director United Way of Johnson County

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